Are Massages Clothing Optional

Published: 30th April 2010
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The picture that most people have of a massage parlor does not include much clothing. The picture that forms in the mind involves scantily clad people of varying degrees of fitness. Sometimes these images are not something that the viewer wishes to share. The images, regardless of the form they take, do force the person what they need to wear during a massage.

The answer depends on the technique of the therapist. Some therapists can do a full body massage without the need for the client to remove his or her clothes. Other therapist may require the client to enter a complete state of undress. If the procedure requires the person to remove his clothes entirely, a private area to get undressed will be provided. The staff of the parlor leaves the room for some time to give the customer a chance to get ready.

Even if the massage session requires that the patient to get undressed, he or she will not be expected to be entirely naked during the procedure. Removal of the underwear is not required. When the client lays down on the table, he or she will be provided with a sheet. The sheet stays over most of the body during the these sessions. The therapist will only expose the areas of the body that she plans to work on.

There is no need to worry about what you are supposed to wear during a massage session, because the treatment does not require any special clothing. If you worry about what gets exposed, be sure to talk to the owners of the parlor to address any concerns. Of course, if you really want to wear something special, nothing stops you from doing so.

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