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The Power of the 2010 Infiniti M45

19th July 2010
The Infiniti M is a luxurious sedan which has been produced and sold by the Nissan corporation since 2003. In the early 1990s, the Infiniti M was sold a two door coupe, but was only sold for a few years before being discontinued. The Infiniti M comes w... Read >

2010 Jeep Patriot with a 2.4 liter engine

07th July 2010
The Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV which has been sold and manufactured by the Chrysler corporation since 2007. Since Chrysler's acquisition by Fiat took place, Fiat has announced that the Patriot will be discontinued by 2012 to make room for a new Fiat pr... Read >

The 2010 Jeep Liberty Has a 3.7 liter Powertech V6 engine

07th July 2010
The Jeep Liberty is a compact SUV which has been manufactured and sold by Chrysler since 2002. The 2010 Jeep Liberty is the third model of the car's second generation, which began with the 2008 Jeep Liberty. The Jeep Liberty is largely designed for all te... Read >

The more efficient 2010 Kia Rio 1.6 Liter V4 Engine

06th July 2010
The Kia Rio has quickly become a favorite choice among consumers looking for a brand new car at used car prices, and the improved 2010 Kia Rio 1.6 Liter V4 engine has made the purchase even more advantageous. While the basic components of the engine are t... Read >

The sophisticated 2010 Lincoln MKZ 3.5-Liter V6 Engine

14th June 2010
The MKZ, Lincoln's entry-level luxury sedan, returns for 2010 with no changes to its standard V6 engine. The MKZ is powered by a 3.5-liter, 24-valve V6. Called the Duratec 35, this 24-valve, DOHC engine was the first of Ford's award-winning new Cyclone... Read >

The 2010 MAZDASPEED3 2.3 Liter Turbocharged MZR DISI Engine

25th May 2010
The 2010 MAZDASPEED3 comes equipped with a critically acclaimed 2.3 liter turbocharged MZR Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) engine. Ward's AutoWorld has named it among the 10 best engines for 3 consecutive years, 2006 to 2008. The MZR is a 2.3 L... Read >

Was Mercedes Recession Proof Through 2009

18th May 2010
The luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is a division of parent company Daimler AG. While Mercedes isn't a publicly traded company, their parent company Daimler AG is. During 2009, Mercedes-Benz cars and vans generated nearly 60% of parent company Daiml... Read >

Are Massages Clothing Optional

30th April 2010
The picture that most people have of a massage parlor does not include much clothing. The picture that forms in the mind involves scantily clad people of varying degrees of fitness. Sometimes these images are not something that the viewer wishes to share.... Read >

The Flex Fuel 2010 Nissan Armada Not Available Everywhere

23rd April 2010
The Armada, Nissan's full-size SUV, returns for 2010 with no changes to its standard V8 engine. The Armada's 5.6-liter, 32-valve DOHC engine is known as the VK56DE. Based on the layout of Nissan's VQ-series V6, it is a 90-degree V8 with an aluminum blo... Read >

The 4.0L V6 Engine fills the bill for the 2010 Nissan Frontier

16th April 2010
The 2010 Nissan Frontier offers two engine options to tackle the demands for nearly any task or trip. A 2.7L I4 delivers plenty of power for in-town driving and other light duties, while the 4.0L V6 provides ample muscle for towing and venturing off road.... Read >

The Nissan Cube has been in production since 1998

16th April 2010
The Nissan Cube has been in production since 1998. However, it has only reached popularity in recent years. Nissan has recently increased advertisement efforts on the cube after realizing that Japanese culture was on the rise in America. The Cube is now o... Read >

The 2010 GT-R uses Nissan's 3.8-liter, all-aluminum VR38DETT engine

16th April 2010
Nissan's high-performance GT-R returns for 2010 with 5 more horsepower for its twin-turbocharged V6. The GT-R uses Nissan's 3.8-liter, all-aluminum VR38DETT engine. Although this 24-valve, DOHC V6 is loosely based on Nissan's familiar VQ engine, it has... Read >

Different kinds of work places for cosmetologists

15th April 2010
Interestingly enough, there is employment for cosmetologists besides salons. One can work in a department store as a retail clerk giving advice and selling skin care and make-up products. The average salary is $20,240. There are beauty positions in nur... Read >

Nissan equipped the Titan with a 5.6L V8 engine

12th April 2010
The 2010 Nissan Titan is a fine example of the full-size truck market. Often a vehicle this size performs best with a V8 or better, which is why Nissan equipped the Titan with a 5.6L V8 engine. So, expect a responsive engine that still keeps the fuel econ... Read >

The Sophisticated 2009 Pontiac Torrent 3.6-Liter Engine

07th April 2010
The Torrent, Pontiac's midsize crossover SUV, ended production in the summer of 2009. Leftover 2009 models offer a choice of 3.4-liter and 3.6-liter V6 engines. The base Torrent uses the 3.4-liter LNJ engine, with 185 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque... Read >
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